“It’s brilliant how Lima Barreto reveals and superimposes the layers and layers of racism that continue to structure our society today..."



“When I leave home and go to the corner of the Estrada Real de Santa Cruz, to wait for the streetcar, I get a good look at the misery that runs through this Rio de Janeiro.”

Excerpt from the chronicle "The smuggler", by Lima Barreto


Sátira e outras subversões


Sátira e outras subversões


As part of the Hearing Lima project, Companhia das Letras has made available a free e-book with a selection of short stories by Lima Barreto, organized by Lilia M. Schwarcz. The stories are part of the book Contos completos (Complete Stories) by Lima Barreto, published in 2010.

Detail from Lima Barreto (2017), by Dalton Paula
Detail from Lima Barreto (2017), by Dalton Paula

"This time however, contrary to the norm, Saint Peter, before leaving, took a preemptive look at the list; and this action was useful, because if he hadn’t, perhaps, from that time on, for the rest of time – who knows? – Heaven might have been totally ruined. Saint Peter read the report: there were a lot of souls, many indeed, but out of all them and the attached explanations, one of them stood out and looked particularly odd."

Excerpt from the short story "The sin", by Lima Barreto